CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys can provide valuable information about the condition of a property’s drainage system.  This helps to identify potential problems and prevent future drain and sewer issues.

A CCTV drainage survey can provide several benefits, including:

  • Identification of blockages and defects: A CCTV drainage survey can identify blockages or defects in the drainage system, including cracks, fractures, and collapsed pipes. This information can help homeowners and property managers to take appropriate actions before a major problem arises.
  • Cost-effective: CCTV drainage surveys are non-invasive, as they don’t require digging up the ground or disrupting the surface area. This means that any issues can be detected and addressed quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of more costly repairs in the future.
  • Preventative maintenance: By identifying any issues early on, CCTV drainage surveys can help prevent future blockages or failures. Regular CCTV surveys can help property owners and managers to stay on top of their drainage maintenance, avoiding major problems.
  • Insurance purposes: Many insurance companies require a CCTV drainage survey to be carried out before providing cover. This is because a CCTV survey can provide detailed information on the drainage system condition and any potential issues.  It can help to reduce the risk of claims in the future.
CCTV Drainage Survey Video Cameras, mounted on 4 wheel mini-trucks

CCTV drainage survey video cameras, mounted on 4 wheel mini, remote control trucks.

Homebuyer Drainage Survey Report

CCTV drainage survey report example.

What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A CCTV Drainage Survey uses a tiny video camera to view the condition of your drains and sewers.  The video it creates can be viewed live and recorded at the same time. Our trained drainage engineers use the video to get a close look at the inside condition of pipes and connections.  This allows them to see blockages, pipe misalignments, tree roots and other causes of pipe damage.

CCTV surveys of drains are popular because they inspect and record the condition of drains and sewers quickly and inexpensively.  The saved video file can be kept as a permanent, historical record of the drain and sewer condition.

Who Needs One?

Building Societies and mortgage lenders often request a CCTV drainage survey when there are known drainage issues in the area.  When buying an older property, it’s advisable to check for drain and sewer problems lurking below.  This is because drains can be expensive to fix so you would want to negotiate this cost with the seller.

How Exjet CCTV Surveys Can Help

Exjet uses the very latest CCTV equipment to carry out surveys on drainage pipes from 40mm to 2200mm in diameter.  This also enables us to use CCTV to survey culverts and other underground waste water pipe structures.

All of our drainage engineers are trained to the highest nationally recognised standards in both pipe and brick sewer defect classification. Therefore they are able to advise you on-site of any drain and sewer issues as they arise.

What You Can Expect from Exjet

Our in-house drainage engineers use specialist drain diagram reporting software.  This provides a clear and concise condition report, showing any structural defects or maintenance needs.

Exjet include fully annotated electronic diagrams, manhole details, defect report pages, and costings for remediation as required. The reports give all drain and sewer works including large diameter pipe and culverts, rail works, site completions works or any other survey requirements.

See some of our drainage survey report examples here

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Jargon Buster!


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a closed system (i.e. not broadcast TV) consisting of video cameras, displays (monitors) and wired or wireless data networks that allow the transfer images from video cameras to monitors.