Our Company Values


We pride ourselves in being highly professional at all times. From the point of initial contact with a client, including all written and verbal communication, through to the completion of the job itself.

All forms of communication should be of the upmost professional standard – be courteous and respectful with the aim of fulfilling the customer’s expectations to a high standard. Above all, take pride in yourself and the works you carry out and the fact that you are a professional in this industry.


All staff should ensure they are approachable to colleagues, clients, subcontractors and members of the public during working hours and whilst representing Exjet Services and Greenlight Highways.

When staff are approachable, they build strong positive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders enabling them to work effectively and efficiently as a team. 

Teamwork requires all staff to work collaboratively at all times, both within their discipline and the wider teams incorporating both Exjet Services and Greenlight Highways.

Solution Focused

We believe being solution focused is having a goal directed collaborative approach. It focuses on finding the solution and being goal orientated rather than focusing on the problem.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout the companies, both site based and office based and this should be utilised as part of the wider team ethic to find the necessary solutions.

Self Reflective

We encourage self-reflection, to understand our motivations, values and behaviour.

Being self-aware and learning from mistakes helps us to move forward and develop as individuals and as professionals, as a team and as an organisation.