Drainage Services for New Housing Developers

Exjet provides services to support new housing developers achieve drainage sign-off to the satisfaction of the local authorities.

The Drainage Challenges for New Housing Developers

When it comes to new housing developments, having an effective and robust surface water drainage system is essential, ensuring a safe, sustainable residential environment.

Developers are required to consider measures that effectively manage surface water and excess storm flow in order to reduce both the risk of flooding and pollution from run-offs.

Incorporating Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) within developments is one way that developers can effectively control the dispersal of any unwanted surface water in housing developments.  However this works best when combined with a range of drainage solutions.

New Housing Developer - Drainage Services, Model of a new house being built

Useful Links

Susdrain – Resouces for SuDS

Get Local Authority Sign-off sooner with Exjet

These key services from Exjet help developers prepare for a smooth local authority drainage sign-off.  We can help you prepare drainage for hand-over and troubleshoot pipework issues efficiently.

CCTV Drain Surveying

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Detailed inspections and reporting using state of the art, remote controlled CCTV cameras.

Provide independently verified proof to meet required standard.

Jet Vac Tanker Lorry

High Pressure Water Cleaning

High pressure water jetting and sewer cleaning using our high-pressure jets and Jet Vac units.

Ensure that the drainage is clean and clear for local authority sign-off.

Manhole access pipe to pipework in construction

Pipework Repair

We can often line or patch pipework efficiently, minimising the need for disruption and expensive digging.

Ensure pipework is fully functioning to meet the required standards.

Please contact the office for further details – 01803 557000 or info@exjet.co.uk