Exjet’s Carbon Footprint

Exjet Services takes environmental responsibility seriously and is taking comprehensive steps to reduce Exjet’s Carbon Footprint.

We are actively collaborating with like-minded organisations and participating in local business forums to collectively lower emissions.

We have a number of ongoing initiatives for a more sustainable planet.  Here’s a summary of our efforts:

Carbon footprint symbolised by a lush green forest and a CO2 down arrow

How We’re Reducing Exjet’s Carbon Footprint

1. Investment in UV Lining

Exjet Services is committed to environmental responsibility through the investment in UV lining technology. This advanced system optimises route planning and reduces fuel consumption, contributing to a greener and more sustainable operation.

2. IT Equipment Upgrade and Cloud-Based Storage

Our company recognises the importance of efficient information technology and is upgrading its IT equipment to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the adoption of cloud-based storage solutions minimises the need for energy-intensive on-site servers, further lowering their carbon footprint.

3. On-Site JetVac Vehicles

Exjet Services is actively reducing fuel usage by strategically leaving its JetVac vehicle on-site when possible. This approach minimises unnecessary travel, helping to decrease emissions associated with transportation.

4. Collaborative Partnerships:

Exjet Services is actively partnering with other organisations dedicated to reducing their carbon footprints. By working together, they can share knowledge and resources, ultimately achieving a collective reduction in emissions. This collaborative effort fosters a shared commitment to sustainability.

5. Participation in Local Business Forums

Exjet Services is engaged in local business forums, actively sharing and exchanging ideas on how to reduce carbon emissions. By participating in these forums, they contribute to a community-wide effort to address environmental concerns, learning from and supporting other local businesses in their sustainability endeavors.

6. Transport

In addition to these efforts, Exjet Services has introduced a new vehicle into its fleet that not only supports our commitment to environmental sustainability but also provides an opportunity to promote safe driving behaviors and reduce vehicle-related costs. This innovative addition demonstrates our dedication to combining eco-friendly practices with business efficiency. Together, these strategies showcase Exjet Services’ comprehensive approach to reducing our carbon footprint whilst also enhancing our overall operations.

7. Use of Online Meetings and Events

Today, many companies use a hybrid work model, with some employees in the office and others working remotely. In addition, the hybrid work model has led many businesses to move to online meetings and events. Online meetings and events are more eco-friendly. For one thing, no one has to travel long distances for the meeting/event. Consider that travel accounts for about 1/5th of total global emissions. By changing over to online events and meetings, your company can lower its carbon footprint and save money on travel costs at the same time.

In summary, Exjet Services is proactively implementing various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, such as investing in blue light lining, upgrading IT equipment, and adopting cloud-based storage.

Our commitment extends to partnering with other organisations with similar sustainability goals and participating in local business forums to exchange ideas and knowledge, collectively striving for lower emissions and a greener future.