Exjet Service Area

The Exjet Service Area for drain and sewer services is continually expanding across the South West of England.

Our drainage service area currently covers Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset.  Please see our South West UK service area map below.  Please contact us if you have any questions relating to coverage near you because we want to help and may still be able to reach you.

Exjet Service Areas Map

The Exjet Service Coverage Area Postcodes

Cornwall DT7 EX8 EX22 PL35 BA10 TA11
Devon EX1 EX9 EX23 TR1 BA11 TA12
Exeter EX10 PL1 PL10 TR10 BA16 TA13
Exmouth EX11 PL15 PL11 TR11 BA20 TA14
Hayle EX12 PL16 PL12 TR12 BA21 TA15
Paignton EX13 PL19 PL13 TR13 BA22 TA16
Plymouth EX14 PL20 PL14 TR14 BA3 TA17
Searton EX15 PL21 PL15 TR15 BA4 TA18
Sidmouth EX16 PL3 PL17 TR16 BA5 TA19
St Ives EX17 PL4 PL18 TR17 BA6 TA2
Torquay EX18 PL5 PL22 TR18 BA7 TA20
Truro EX19 PL6 PL23 TR19 BA8 TA21
Bude EX2 PL7 PL24 TR2 BA9 TA22
Falmouth EX20 PL8 PL25 TR20 BS18 TA23
St Ives EX21 PL9 PL26 TR26 BS24 TA24
Bodmin EX22 TA21 PL27 TR27 BS25 TA3
Barnstaple EX23 TQ1 PL28 TR3 BS26 TA4
Okehampton EX3 TQ10 PL29 TR4 BS27 TA5
Bideford EX31 TQ11 PL30 TR5 BS28 TA6
Taunton EX32 TQ12 PL31 TR6 DT9 TA7
Minehead EX33 TQ13 PL32 TR7 EX35 TA8
cullompton EX34 TQ14 PL33 TR8 TA1 TA9
Wellington EX35 TQ2 PL34 TR9 TA10
Bridgwater EX36 TQ3
Tiverton EX37 TQ4
Ilfracombe EX38 TQ5
Ivybridge EX39 TQ6
Launceston EX4 TQ7
Newton abbot EX5 TQ8
Chagford EX6 TQ9
Lyme Regis EX7