Home Buyer CCTV Surveys

Who Needs a Home Buyer CCTV Survey?

Because home sewer and drainage is buried underground, serious pipe problems lurking below a property are difficult to detect.

If you buy a property with existing drainage problems, you can end up thousands of pounds out of pocket!  These issues should can and should have been identified and rectified prior to purchase.

Fortunately CCTV Home Buyer’s drainage surveys have now become commonplace across the UK.  Building surveyors and mortgage companies recognise the true value and importance of this type of survey. Where appropriate, they advise buyers of both domestic and commercial properties to have a drainage survey carried out.

Importantly this should be conducted by a reputable and certified contractor.

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What survey information will Exjet provide me with?

Exjet will provide a detailed and comprehensive CCTV survey of the below ground drainage network incorporating the following at a minimum:

  • Detailed report formatted in an easy to read manner.  Shows the current structural and service conditions of the drainage network serving the property, incorporating all accessible drainage
  • Details of any noticeable defects with gullies, soil stacks, interceptor traps etc.
  • Advice as to whether rainwater gullies run to soakaways or to the main drainage system
  • Detailed plan showing ownership of the system. Privately owned, local water authority, or shared ownership, and where ownership starts and ends
  • Manhole condition report
  • Summary page detailing any issues found on site
  • Costs for remediation (should it be required) allowing you to negotiate a reduction in price with the vendor

 See our Home Buyer’s Report Examples

When should the survey take place?

Ideally the survey should take place prior to exchanging contract.  This allows you to discuss any issues with the seller should they arise, and potentially adjust your offer.

With this in mind Exjet can offer an Express Service with a “Guaranteed Three Day Turnaround” * from the point of order for your survey should you so require it. Please be sure to request this service at the point of booking.

*Please note there will be an additional charge for this service, speak to one of our team members who’ll be able to offer the best solution for your requirements.

How do I book a CCTV Home Buyer survey or get more information?

To discuss your individual requirements with a specialist or to book a survey please contact us today by phone or email on 0800 328 6655 or info@exjet.co.uk to request a call back.

More Information on CCTV Surveys

A CCTV drainage survey is a process of inspecting the inside of drainage systems using a specialised camera. This type of survey is typically carried out by drainage professionals or plumbing experts.  They use it to identify problems such as blockages, leaks, cracks, corrosion or other damage within the drainage system.

During the survey, the CCTV camera captures images of the inside of the drain and sends them to a monitor.  The monitor is used by the specialist to inspect the condition of the drain. They will look for signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, debris or blockages that may interfere with the drain’s performance.

Once the survey is complete,  a report is compiled detailing the findings.  This wil inlcude recommendations on any necessary repairs or maintenance that need to be carried out. This report can be used by property owners or managers to help plan and budget for necessary repairs.  It can also be used to ensure that the drainage system is functioning properly.

Overall, a CCTV drainage survey is an effective way to identify and address problems with drainage systems.  It can help prevent costly repairs or damage in the long run.