Jet-Vac Units

Jet-Vac Units are advanced waste tankers that provide a highly efficient solution for waste collection and transportation.

Their large storage capacities enable them to handle substantial amounts of waste in a single trip, reducing the need for multiple journeys. This efficiency leads to significant time and cost savings for waste management operations.

They are incredibly versatile, equiped with special tools and capable of reaching awkward spaces using our long hoses.

All of our tankers are operated by experienced, qualified and friendly engineers. They have the appropriate understanding and knowledge to effectively operate all of our Jet-Vac tankers.  This ensures  that we can offer you the most comprehensive, efficient service.

Jet-Vac Units - A Jet-Vac Tanker Lorry

One of our Jet-Vac tankers

Typical Works Include:

  • Culvert Cleansing
  • Gully Cleansing
  • Car Parks
  • Building Sites
  • S278 Works
  • Highways
  • Railway Works
  • Root Removal
  • Pipeline Descaling

Sewer Cleaning & Jetting

By utilising the latest technology in jetting and suction techniques we can offer solutions to even the most problematic areas including off road solutions for large diameter pipes and culverts.

Exjet Services offers several classes of Jet-Vac vehicles ranging from 7.5 ton combi units designed for blockage clearance and cleaning smaller diameter pipework.  Ideal in areas where the working area is limited.   We have tracked jetting units for off road works, up to a fleet of state of the art Jet-Vac units.  These deliver high volume flows for cleansing of large areas such as building sites and highways drainage. The ability to remove debris from the pipe line at source by means of high powered vacuumation, capable of lifting 26 metres vertically.

Exjet Services can also provide a number of bespoke Jet-Vac units which offer high flow and high pressure.  These are specifically designed for the removal of root ingress and other attached deposits, such as scale and concrete quickly and efficiently.

For further information or to discuss your individual requirements please call 0800 328 6655 or email today to speak to a specialist/professional.