Drainage Repair

Minimisation of Digging, Disruption & Costs

Drainage repair can be costly.  Naturally, serious drain and sewer pipe damage may inevitably required digging to fix the problem.  However, a combination of new technology and techniques can offer a “no-dig” pipe repair solution.  This can minimise the cost and disruption that traditional excavation entails.

What are ”No-Dig” Pipe Repairs?

Essentially, “no-dig” refers to the remediation of drains, pipes and sewers without the need for traditional excavation and replacement by the installation of a new pipe within the existing structure.

This methodology can be used for a broad variety of situations from domestic repairs to large diameter pipes and culverts.  This type of drainage repair  provides a host of benefits.  These include better cost efficiency through minimising disruption and down time, reduced time on site.  Also, it avoids the cost of reinstating surfaces such as tarmac and paving slabs.

No-Dig drain and sewer pipe repair device inside a pipe

Exjet Are “No-Dig” Specialists

With over 30 years of experience in the “no dig” field of operations Exjet Services can pride themselves on being considered true experts in this industry. Exjet Services can provide a full range of pipe lining and other “no dig” solutions, offering everything from single length liners for domestic situations to the installation of multiple liners for larger sites, pipe bursting including like for like replacement and up-sizing, localised epoxy patch repairs, manhole renovation by means of resin injection and pressure grouting, for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Long-Life Drainage Repairs

And with the use of quality materials and design protocols in line with both Water Industry and National standards, Exjet can offer a minimum 50-year design life for most installations.

Drainage repair isn’t just about mending damaged pipes, it’s about protecting the area around the infrastructure and minimising the disruption caused to the customer and public. No dig technology is one of the most useful tools in our armoury to ensure we can do this to the best of our abilities.

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