Pipe Bursting

Drain & Sewer Replacement

Exjet Services provide a range of innovative pipe bursting solutions for the online replacement of drains and sewers including like for like replacement and upsizing of internal diameters.

Pipe bursting is increasingly recognised as an effective and efficient method of replacing failing outdated or undersized sewers and drains by domestic clients, utility and rail providers and Civil Engineering contractors.

When replacing pipes with the pipe bursting technique a bursting rod or rope is pushed through the old pipe from a start pit or manhole to a target pit usually within 100M of the start point. The rods or rope is then drawn back hydraulically with an expanding or cutting tool and the new pipe attached and pulled into place.

This technique allows the old pipe to be cut or shattered and forced into the surrounding ground meaning that only the excavation spoil from the start and receive pits needs to be removed from site.

This method is suitable for the replacement of cast iron, concrete, clay, and plastic pipes and can also be utilised for replacing failed or sub-standard cured in place liners.

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