Planned Maintenance

As with most underground structures “out of sight is out of mind” and maintenance is only carried out when a noticeable problem occurs.

If you have a requirement for pre-planned maintenance, whether it be proactive maintenance to car parks to prevent flooding, cleansing of drainage systems to ensure free flowing conditions, or any other maintenance requirement, Exjet Services will work hand in hand with our clients to give them a complete pre planned maintenance schedule tailored to suit their individual business needs.

By carrying out maintenance on a proactive basis we aim to negate the need for emergency response situations and the possibility of disruptive influences upon our customers and their businesses.

With Extensive experience in this sector we are the preferred or contracted service provider for these activities in many varying and difficult locations such as:

  • Major shopping complexes
  • Food processing plants
  • Educational premises
  • Hospitals
  • Social housing
  • Prisons
  • Rail networks
  • MOD sites

For further information or to discuss your individual requirements please call 0800 328 6655 or email today to speak to a professional.