Sewer Asset Data Collection

Sewer asset data collection refers to the process of collecting information about the various components of a sewer system. 

This includes information about pipes, manholes, and other structures, recorded to maintain and manage the system effectively.

The data collected typically includes the physical characteristics of each asset, such as its location, size, material, condition, and maintenance history.

This information can be used to identify areas that require repairs or replacements, prioritize maintenance activities, and plan for future upgrades.

Exjet Sewer Asset Data Collection technician in the field at work

The Exjet Solution

Detailed and accurate dimensional surveys of sewerage related assets are now a key part of infrastructure planning works for many of our key clients. With this in mind Exjet Services can offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of sewer asset data requirements including:
  • Impermeable Area Surveys
  • Utility Mapping
  • Manhole, CSO and Outfall surveys to STC25 standards
  • Topographic surveys
  • Sewer Mapping and Connectivity Surveys
  • Pollution and cross connection surveys
  • Pump Station Surveys
  • Saline/Groundwater infiltration surveys
  • Level Surveys utilising Survey Grade GPS/GIS equipment
  • As Built manhole records and site drawings
  • Sonar Tracing to 15M depth
And with our own in-house CAD Technicians, high quality information can be provided in a variety of electronic formats to suit our client’s individual needs. For further information or to discuss your individual requirements please call0800 328 6655or email today to speak to a professional.