A home with a for sale sign at one end, used to depict CCTV drainage survey services

A CCTV drainage survey is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system using specially designed CCTV cameras.

They allow the easy identification and surveying of potential problems that may arise from your drains.

Why should I have a Property CCTV drainage survey?

Avoid Expensive Bills

A CCTV drainage survey will spot any underlying issues before you buy the property. Your drainage engineer will identify any potentially serious drain problems that may surface later. They will be able to recommend an immediate solution which would be far more cost-effective than emergency drain repair work.

The information will help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase or discuss the drain issues and costs with the seller.

Recommended by Building Surveyors and Mortgage Companies

Fortunately Home Buyers CCTV drainage surveys have now become commonplace across the UK. Both building surveyors and mortgage companies recognize their importance.   Domestic and commercial property buyers are advised to have a drainage survey carried out by a reputable, certified contractor.

Peace of Mind

Before CCTV, out of sight has been out of mind where drainage is concerned,  and particularly with regard to the buying property . For those unfortunate enough to buy bought a property with existing drainage or sewer problems it can result in bills running into the thousands for issues that should have been identified and fixed prior to purchase.

The Exjet Complete CCTV Homebuyer Survey


Exjet can offer a complete CCTV homebuyers survey – from £220+VAT.  We offer this service across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

In a hurry? Exjet can offer an Express Drainage CCTV Survey Service with a “Guaranteed Three Day Turnaround” from the point of order for your CCTV drainage survey. Please be sure to request this service at the point of booking.

Contact us on  0800 328 6655 or info@exjet.co.uk to request a call back.